About Us

At Ecocor Construction, we tell our clients “You dream it, we build it”. The founder, Rami Saidi, set out to create Ecocor Construction with an emphasis on exceptional customer service and a hands-on approach with each project. Rami Saidi has managed to grow Ecocor to become a 19x award-winning custom home build and renovations company within 5+ years of business.
Ecocor Construction is a team of award- winning contractors and designers serving Toronto, Mississauga, and the greater Toronto area. Specializing in both residential and commercial projects, Ecocor can guarantee top craftmanship, expert design, and outstanding customer service. Ecocor provides homeowners with piece of mind when constructing their dream project. We believe giving back to the communities we service is exceptionally important, which is why we at Ecocor are a proud partner of Habitat for Humanity. With each demolition, Ecocor will demolish smart and donate all salvageable material minimizing waste and maximizing helping those less fortunate.


Meet The Owner

Rami Saidi holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (BSc.) from the University of Windsor. Rami has also completed his Project Management Professional Certification (PMP). He has worked for numerous professional construction companies throughout his career but was left discouraged when he recognized that company profits trumped customer’s needs and satisfaction. He believes happy clients are the ultimate measure of success. Rami maintains overall responsibility of all daily operations, planning, management, logistics, accounting, estimating, and business development. He takes the time to build a special relationship with all his clients and he looks forward to building a future relationship with you.
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