The only place you spend more time at than home is work! Let Ecocor help you create a user-friendly work space that will inspire your employees and mesmerize your customers.
Laying out the perfect space can always be challenging. Work with Ecocor’s experienced designers to help create a renovation layout and design concept that works best for your brand. We strive to apply sustainable renovation design strategies, codes and standards relating to commercial construction, along with well thought-out layouts to create modern and healthy business settings that are perfect for the comfort and productivity of your business.
At Ecocor, we understand the importance of designing and constructing your business in a timely fashion so you can be up and running. Our top priority when working with our clients is to ensure that the project accurately reflects their vision. Our team of architects, builders, and contractors have experience with all aspects of restaurant construction and are knowledgeable in all restaurant regulations that are required to be met in Toronto, Mississauga and the GTA. From the electrical load requirements of all the equipment, to bathroom paint colours, our professionals are dedicated to ensuring every portion of your restaurant complies with the necessary codes while looking exceptionally aesthetic.
From open concept work environments to corporate board rooms, our team at Ecocor will work with you to create inspiring work spaces. We provide office design services that are influenced by energy, efficiency, and green-building principles. This includes designing workspaces and office layouts, emphasizing open floor plans, ergonomic furniture selection, and using construction methods and materials that are environmentally friendly and safe for commercial spaces. We have the expertise and experience to maximize the efficiency of a locations square footage at desired budget points. We offer our clients turnkey construction projects, ranging from simple paint and carpet for lease renewals, to brand new corporate office and creative space facilities. We do it all for our happy clients.
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